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Aquafaba Mousse au Chocolat Tart and an Afternoon at an English Landscape Garden

A sunny afternoon at a lovely park and a beautiful cake have a lot in common – they make us feel at home in this very moment, wherever it may be. We take you with us today for a summer walk at one of the most lovely spots that we know in my old home town, the Oldenburg castle garden, and of course there will be coffee and cake as well. Join us for vegan Mousse au chocolat cake made with aquafaba – a dessert marrying the historic and the present as well as the aristocratic and the down-to-earth.

Vegan Black Forest Cakes in Jars

Do you love cherries as much as we do? For sure you do, and there is no better role for cherries to play than on top and inside a cake, isn’t it. Our childhood memories are filled with cherry moments of any kind – from […]

Veganly In Love with Sachertorte

When it comes to wonderfully lost afternoons with coffee and cake, there is no better place for us than Vienna with its inimitable coffee house culture. So today, in memory of beautiful visits far too long ago, we come along with most chocolaty little cakes […]

The Castagnaccio Experiment for Christmas

Christmas is approaching! In the German-language food blogosphere this means not the least that Zorra’s culinary Advent calender is up and running again – this year for the 11th time already. We’re most happy to be invited for a contribution to this wonderful tradition, and […]

Tray-Baked Gingerbread

There’s life without gingerbread but especially at Christmas, life is always better if you have some at home. It’s even better if it’s home-made, never mind if it’s not perfect…

Ein Leben ohne Honig- oder Lebkuchen ist möglich, aber wenig erstrebenswert. Seit einigen Jahren schon backe ich deshalb zur großen Freude und auf ausdrücklichen Wunsch meiner…

Arne’s Fondant au Chocolat with Single Malt & Coffee ~ Arnes Fondant au chocolat mit Single Malt & Kaffee

Lately, Arne came up with the idea of Single Malt pairing which he wanted to try in a chocolate dessert that he had discovered. I was most thrilled to give it a try since I love Scotland’s most…

Kürzlich trug Arne an mich heran, ob wir nicht mal einen Versuch mit Single Malt Pairing machen wollten, er habe ein Schokoladen-Soufflé entdeckt, das man dahingehend ergänzen könne. Ich war