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(Nearly) Raw Sushi Made of Sprouts

January will come to an end, soon – and how long is it appropriate to wish a Happy New Year? Be that as it may: since this is our first post this year after a little blog break, we would very warmly like to wish […]

The Castagnaccio Experiment for Christmas

Christmas is approaching! In the German-language food blogosphere this means not the least that Zorra’s culinary Advent calender is up and running again – this year for the 11th time already. We’re most happy to be invited for a contribution to this wonderful tradition, and […]

Farewell Pumpkin

First of March already, time is running fast… For some weird reasons, I love this month of the year best even though – or maybe because – it is a time in between rather than a climatic statement…

Schon März, ach Du meine Güte… Die Zeit rennt mal wieder, und heute läuft sie geradewegs in den Hafen desjenigen Monats ein, den ich auf eine gewisse Weise am liebsten habe. Das mag…