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Into the Mountains in Autumn

Being in the mountains means a lot to us: it’s a perfect place to just be there, to be aware, to be content with only a few things that fit in a backpack. Our spontaneous hiking weekend lately has been much too short, however most […]

Singapore the Vegan & Vegetarian Way*

Has it really been such a long time since our last post? Oh my! Weeks fly by, and while we have been busy with work and other foodie projects, we unfortunately missed some extra time for blogging. Time issues won’t change that much for a […]

A Hessian Food Trip and Huacatay Pesto

Time goes fast, and the few days off that we spent in Hesse on the occasion of a family visit date back some time already. However I don’t want to miss to share with you some nice foodie experiences and discoveries that we made in […]