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Vegan Black Forest Cakes in Jars

Do you love cherries as much as we do? For sure you do, and there is no better role for cherries to play than on top and inside a cake, isn’t it. Our childhood memories are filled with cherry moments of any kind – from […]

Happy Easter with Spelt & Emmer Hefezopf

We might be a little late with this post with Easter starting tomorrow already. But we just don’t want to withhold this delish hefezopf from you that we tried last year for the first time and that will be part of this year’s Easter brunch […]

Sandwiches de luxe at Über Magazine*

During the last days, summer has returned at least for a couple of days. Therefor, the long-awaited apricot harvest at the dear friend’s garden had been on the agenda on Friday with a most lovely…

Wie schön, auch in Berlin sommerte es in den letzten beiden Tagen mehr als erwartet. Am Freitag ging es daher in der schönsten Abendsonne ran an den befreundeten Aprikosenbaum, um den Jahres…