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Mousse au chocolat, cake, aquafaba, vegan

Aquafaba Mousse au Chocolat Tart and an Afternoon at an English Landscape Garden

A sunny afternoon at a lovely park and a beautiful cake have a lot in common – they make us feel at home in this very moment, wherever it may be. We take you with us today for a summer walk at one of the most lovely spots that we know in my old home town, the Oldenburg castle garden, and of course there will be coffee and cake as well. Join us for vegan Mousse au chocolat cake made with aquafaba – a dessert marrying the historic and the present as well as the aristocratic and the down-to-earth.

A New Year’s Winter Walk

We missed to share a post all December long, but we won’t miss to – at least belatedly – wish everybody a happy new year! May all of you have a good time, and may we walk a little of 2017’s path together to celebrate […]