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Impressions at Frankfurt Bookfair 2016

Frankfurt Bookfair 2016 is nearly over, but in case you are just around the corner, you may take a last chance today to sneak into books and topics, into printed and digital worlds. Earlier this week, we had a stop-over at the fair on our […]

Impressions of the KrautKopf Book Release Party

Food bloggers Susann Probst and Yannic Schon have been publishing their first cookbook, and lately I happily followed their invitation to celebrate its release at Gebrüder Fritz. The book is named after their blog Krautkopf – and on entering the fancy venue in Berlin Charlottenburg, […]

Impressions from Lurpak Supper Clup

Since a while already, butter has been a rare visitor to this place. Whenever it’s the two of us cooking together, it’s vegan only, and when I prepare a little lunch or supper for myself, there’s…

Butter ist hier im Hause ein unregelmäßiger Gast geworden – wenn wir gemeinsam und für Freunde kochen, kommt sie gar nicht vor, und wenn ich für mich allein am Herd stehe, ist sie mangels…