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Fava Beans with Avocado, Dill Blossoms and Dukkah

It’s high season for fava beans, and before this green and slightly bitter happiness will be over, we’d like to introduce this treat to you with many likewise green ingredients that we had on our plates lately. Indeed, this has been a leftover dinner, and […]

(Nearly) Raw Sushi Made of Sprouts

January will come to an end, soon – and how long is it appropriate to wish a Happy New Year? Be that as it may: since this is our first post this year after a little blog break, we would very warmly like to wish […]

Buckwheat Pancakes with Sauerkraut

Among the many wonders in nature’s course of the year, November isn’t mentioned quite often. But indeed, despite grey skies (and even with some snow slush that we have already experienced), there is still so much growing out there like small berries and rose hips, […]

Grilled Pumpkin with Liquorize-Dusted Hazelnuts

November already, gosh… We have been off the blog for some weeks due to many other projects and jobs, and also due to friends & family visits and autumn activities. Indeed, since more than a week already, we enjoy the most lovely autumn scenery over […]

Red Quinoa, Chard and Rose Hips

After spending some days near Frankfurt with a short trip to Munich, we could see it everywhere: rose hips are ready for harvest all across the land. I’m back to Berlin while Arne is still in the region, and since I’m currently a grass widow, […]

Food with a View @ Messerspitzen*: Vegetable Barbecue

Did you already start your barbecue season? Over here, summer hasn’t been all too inviting so far, but now that we face the year’s first heat wave, we’re well prepared. Since we discovered how…

Bestimmt haben viele von euch längst angegrillt, auch wenn die ersten Sommerwochen ja eher durchwachsen waren. Aber nun geht es los, und auch wir sind inzwischen grillbereit. Seit wir im Winter…

Farewell Pumpkin

First of March already, time is running fast… For some weird reasons, I love this month of the year best even though – or maybe because – it is a time in between rather than a climatic statement…

Schon März, ach Du meine Güte… Die Zeit rennt mal wieder, und heute läuft sie geradewegs in den Hafen desjenigen Monats ein, den ich auf eine gewisse Weise am liebsten habe. Das mag…

Late Summer Aubergine for Barbecue

In my eyes, aubergines are among the most beautiful crops with their slender shape and dark violet color. This year, I had a plant on my balcony for the first time, and a few days ago, I could …

Es gibt wenige Früchte, die ich so schön finde wie Auberginen mit ihrer schlanken Form, der glänzenden Haut und der tief violetten Farbe. In diesem Jahr hat ein Pflänzchen auch auf meinem Balkon…