Fruit Tarte & Home-Made Mirabelle Plum Jam – Obst-Tarte & Mirabellen-Marmelade


The big variety of fruits that we currently enjoy is a good reason to have some wonderful cake, isn’t it. At Grain de Sel – Salzkorn, I lately discovered a very nice recipe for tarte rustique that I have re-baked several times already with a few little changes. You will find the original version (in German language only) here– thanks a lot for the inspiration, Micha!
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Red Currants Lassi for Hot Summer Days – Johannisbeer-Lassi für heiße Sommertage


Like apricots, red currants are in season right now as well. I tend to like their looks better than their taste when eaten raw and solely, but as an addition to cake or a shake, I just love them. I decided to try them in Indian lassi – this yoghurt drink is classically prepared either with salt or with mango. With temperatures rising, red currants (and a touch of licorice tagetes) make it a most refreshing treat with a slighly tart flavor.
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Sweet & Hot Apricot Chutney – Fruchtig-scharfes Aprikosen-Chutney


Besides mountain hiking, swimming in the sea, or having pick-nicks: is there anything better to do in summer but to spend a day with friends in the garden, especially a garden with a most lovely fruit tree? Lucky me – a good friend of mine had invited for weekend to plunder her apricot tree packed with tons of beautiful, fully ripened fruits. Each of the five of us went away that day with several pounds of fruit after a wonderful afternoon with – make a guess – home-made apricot cake.
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Mulberries on Vanilla & Licorice Pudding – Maulbeeren & Vanille-Lakritz-Pudding


I have known mulberries by name since my childhood’s fruit pairs game but I have never eaten them, at least as far as I know. Over here, they are sold in shops and on markets rarely, and if you don’t have a bush in your own garden, you usually have to get along without them. Therefor we were quite happy when we found them for sale on our visit lately at Domäne Dahlem (German language only), an organic farm on the edge of Berlin which is still part of the city. The place is a little agricultural oasis, an idyll with acres, gardens, lots of animals, and with a museum presenting the history of the former manor.
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Berlin Fava Beans & Wrinkled Peas meet Abruzzi Truffles – Berliner dicke Bohnen & Markerbsen treffen Abruzzen-Trüffeln


Before starting with today’s recipes, we would like to say thank you very much to the wordpress editing team for having picked New treats from the Old-Berlin Hungerturm lately for the Freshly Pressed section. It’s a big honor and greatly appreciated. Thanks so much to our readers for so many likes, and a warm welcome to many new followers!
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mealUp & Meet the Local Foodies


You might know the situation: you’re on your own in a city that you don’t know too well or not at all, and then you get hungry. If you are foodie and if you love to have your meal in good company in a restaurant that has been recommended by locals – then you might have a problem right now. Worst case will be to get lost in choices and to end up at a tourist trap (and I bet you’re not one of those people who order Pizza to your hotel room which would be even worse, wouldn’t it).
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New Treats from the Old-Berlin „Hungerturm“ – Neues aus dem Alt-Berliner Hungerturm


If I ask myself (or if someone else would ask me) what Berlin cuisine is like to me, I would consider it to be open-minded and manifold in the first place. I couldn’t imagine Berlin without that gorgeous mixture of Currywurst and Apple strudel, Banh Mi and Burgers, Felafel and Spätzle, Matze and Soljanka. Historic Old Berlin inn’s treats however are not on my list.
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Wax Bean Salad – Wachsbrechbohnen-Salat


In the 1970ies, wax bean salad has been a popular part of the likewise popular pickled vegetables that have been served as a side dish in many restaurants. In most cases, it had not been home-made (those have been the 70ies after all, and the whole world had been fond of cans and tins), and I was not much a fan of it.
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Last Remains of White Asparagus for a Smoothie – Letzte Spargel-Gelegenheit mit Smoothie zum tierfreitag


Over here, white asparagus will be fore sale only a few days longer – season ends on 24th of June. But this recipe works with green one as well that will most probably be available all July long. I have discovered this kind of „green“ smoothie only lately (ok, it’s more rosé ;-), and indeed, green smoothies in general and me have made friends just a couple of weeks ago. I can’t tell why, I just haven’t been so fond of these trendy drinks even though in the warm season, I often have some green salad & fruits for breakfast since. It’s so refreshing, and green smoothies are not that far away from that, just less solid… I changed from firm greens to liquid ones on the occasion of tooth pain which often appears at the beginnings of weekends, doesn’t it. Quite some time to spend until Monday morning, and I was like, now or never, let’s give the green fellows a try.
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Give it a TRY: Grand Cru Chocolate (on Tomato Cappuccino) – Grand-Cru-Schokolade (auf Tomaten-Cappuccino)


Today, there’s a recipe and a product testing that has inspired it – will be a rather long post, I guess. So, anybody out here loving Grand cru dark chocolate? When we had been approached by the Berlin start-up TRY FOODS, I didn’t hesitate to choose the chocolate set out of several options (which are olive oil, salt, pepper, or coffee). We just love dark chocolate of high quality, and is there anything better to try five assorted varieties?
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