Wiener Brot: Croûtons & Green Asparagus Crostini – Croûtons & Crostini mit grünem Spargel


As a food blogger, I tend to prepare as many things from scratch as possible, but when it comes to bread, I admit that I mostly prefer shopping rather than baking (my close environment appreciates this a lot). Among the bakeries that I trust in is Wiener Brot (German language), a little wood-stove bakery in Spandauer Vorstadt in Berlin Mitte. The organic bread and cakes are produced along the philosophy of slow baking with the dough proving for several days instead of adding flavors to shorten the baking process.
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Oriental Pesto Rosso, my new Hand-Held Blender & little Pre-Easter Tombola – Orientalisches Pesto rosso, mein neuer Stabmixer & eine kleine Vor-Oster-Verlosung


There are three things that have inspired this post: my new pesto twist, my new most beloved household appliance, and a tombola that I initially wanted to do before Christmas. Obviously, I couldn’t manage, and now Easter is a nice next occasion – and it’s a good time now also because the new household feature (and thus the new pesto recipe) is connected with the give-aways.
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Nice News and Nice Shoots – Schöne Neuigkeiten und schöne Schößlinge


Some of you might have noticed already that little note in the sidebar indicating that I have been nominated a finalist at Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2014 competition. It is a big honor and I am most happy about this – and before there will be an exhibition of the finalist’s contributions in two weeks at The Mall Galleries in London where the winners will be announced, there’s a gallery online since a short while with all photographs that had been shortlisted in the first place. Take a look if you like, it’s an amazing portfolio of creativity from all over the world:
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Black Rice & Truffled Eggs – Schwarzer Reis & getrüffelte Eier


As you might have noticed as a reader of this blog, we’re not the biggest rice fans in the world. However, when a young Northern German company called Reishunger (which translates to rice hunger) offered a package with samples, I agreed – not least because the company’s website and online shop indicate its commitment to a nutrition project in Laos and a school project in Germany.
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Nougat & Marzipan Praline Cub(e)ism

Painting by Constance Schrall @ BLO Ateliers with nougat & marzipan pralines

Painting by Constance Schrall @ BLO Ateliers with nougat & marzipan pralines

There’s so much passion for food in the city, sometimes in places where you wouldn’t expect. A few weeks ago already, we came across this rooftop statement which we would absolutely agree to:
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Pas de deux with Truffles & Black Chanterelles and Truffled Spinach Pesto – Pas de deux mit Trüffeln & Herbsttrompeten und getrüffeltes Spinat-Pesto


In January, I had asked for your ideas regarding truffles & black chanterelles. In the end, it had been four of us floating in a small boat on the big ocean of blog events – and how great a virtual dinner did we have together! I created two pas de deux with the entries, each with a truffle and black chanterelle treat. Spring is at the doors, and to get it in as well, I add a little truffled spinach pesto in the end that I prepared for a friend’s birthday yesterday.
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Don’t Call it Frühstück


If you’re invited on Sunday’s for breakfast and everybody is supposted to bring along something to eat, the amount of dishes will resemble to the amount of guests at table, and from time to time, somebody will take a picture – not of the food, but of you and those nice people sitting next to you.
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Brunch @ Dirty South Berlin


Lately we had been invited to the bar & restaurant Dirty South in Berlin Friedrichshain by its new owner Dean to try out the place’s new brunch treats. When we arrived, the atmosphere already made us curious what we would get on our plates: the quite small and cozy location is designed in Southern States Indy vintage style – saloon tapestry joins rough brick walls and old chandeliers meet a wooden bar. It’s obviously quite popular also among expats – during our stay, we had been the only guests that were no English native-speakers, and the most friendly staff is fluent both in German and English.
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Rügen Pasta with Seabuckthorn – Rügen-Pasta mit Sanddorn


This weekend has been all about brunch: a brunch testing at a Friedrichshain venue yesterday and a Berlin food blogger’s brunch today. Both have been wonderful and I will write about it soon – however, today it’s about foodie adventure on the seaside that we experienced short ago. Summer and swimming season is far away, nevertheless we spent a weekend at the seaside. It’s most lovely when there’s some hills and deep forest involved, too, and you can have it all in a region called Granitz on the island of Rügen, a landscape on the German coast of the Baltic Sea. It’s only a few hours trip away from Berlin, and we happily enjoyed the woods, the seagulls, the special historic architecture – and as much fish sandwiches as a vegetarian can stand ;-).
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Tropical Gâteau au chocolat – Tropischer Gâteau au chocolat


Not long ago, we spent a wonderful winter spring’s day at the lovely little village Caputh. It’s a good place to enjoy the wind, to take a very short trip with a little ferry and to watch many different water birds taking a bath (despite the mild weather, you better not join them at this time of the year…).
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