Farewell, Pumpkin, with Oriental Terrine – Auf Wiedersehen, Kürbis, mit orientalischer Terrine


First of March already, time is running fast… For some weird reasons, I love this month of the year best even though – or maybe because – it is a time in between rather than a climatic statement. Winter is not yet gone for good and the soft tempers of spring have not arrived already, have they. However, the softest season’s beginning dates in March which is reason enough to be happy after all this Berlin rain and darkness, and what could be more tempting than a promise of warmer days. I admit to be close friends with pleasant anticipation, and I just Iove to listen to the first birds returning from their winter habitats and to watch the tree’s and bushe’s still closed buds nearly bursting with energy already. Once spring will be there, we will walk down the road to early summer so quickly. But the joy of imagination what those first days with the softest green you can think of will be like, lasts all March long. Not the last, I celebrate my birthday in March, so it’s my month after all.
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Cold Brew Coffee at the Elevator – Kalter Kaffee im Fahrstuhl


Last week at breakfast time, somewhere at Orianienburger Straße in Berlin Mitte: two handsful of people enter a hostel’s goods elevator with fancy furniture and an improvised coffee bar. We travel downwards, having a little talk and some Black Moon cold brew coffee – cold extraction has been le dernier cri in the world of coffee brewing since a while. When we arrive, we know each other a little already, searching our way to today’s pop-up location across ramps and steps. Food is the new clubbing – this prelude to BriteDay proofs it well and fits the topic, it’s all about events today. Meaning, me and some other bloggers and journalists are here to learn more about Eventbrite, an internet platform that’s quite interesting (not only) for foodies: besides cultural events of any kind, you might also offer and search for culinary excitement from small supper clubs to the next big thing in food events.
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Spelt & Almond Milk – Dinkel-Mandel-Drink


Milk of any kind is not among the foods I consume often, and since Arne is on a vegan diet – decisions are not yet made if it will be for a while or for good – our need for cow’s milk is, well, small. Meaning: there’s mostly none of it on the fridge these days. Indeed, I’m fine with plant-based alternatives as long as I like the taste and the ingredients. They’re not inventions of today’s food industry, by the way: almond milk for example (that I sometimes prepare along a recipe of Megan Gordon in her wonderful book ‘Whole-Grain Mornings’) has been known as a Lent food in Europe since medieval times, and soy milk has a long tradition in Chinese culture.
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Glamour & Cookeries @ Berlin Film Festival – Berlinale-Glamour (nicht nur) in der Bauknecht-Showküche

Klaus Breinig, Kostja Ullmann Bauknecht @ Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Reception @ Berlinale 2015

Klaus Breinig, Kostja Ullmann
Bauknecht @ Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Reception @ Berlinale 2015

We had to miss New York but there’s some glamour over here with Berlin Film Festival as well. Indeed, we were so lucky to get an invitation from Bauknecht kitchen supplier to the Mediaboard Berlin Brandenburg‘s reception at The Ritz Carlton – how great is that – not the least to meet TV chef Klaus Breinig, actor Kostja Ullmann and actrice Luise Bähr preparing fancy food at the Bauknecht show kitchen. On Saturday evening, we therefor take a short walk on the red carpet – still empty – and enter the luxury hotel’s vestibule to join Klaus & Kostja who are already busy preparing little delicacies while photographers follow their path – a first stopover at the beginning of a glamorous evening.
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Brussels Sprouts Crisps for New York Travelers – Rosenkohl-Chips für New-York-Reisende


Today, with a fine bag of chips in our hands we think of our fellow winners of Food Blog Award 2014 and wish them a wonderful stay and a great overall culinary experience in New York City! That’s where they currently have a most lovely time with food guide Julia of Liz & Jewels. Everybody who wants to follow their steps – please, feel invited to do so at the Food Blog Award’s facebook site or on the participant’s blogs: Franziska of Have a Try, Nils & Christin of easy tasting, Melanie of Mundwerk, Sara of Birds like Cake, Veronika of Carrots for Claire, and food blog award reporter Sandy of Outstripped.
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Vegan Winter Tarte with Braun MQ 70 Food Processor Attachment – Vegane Winter-Tarte mit dem Braun MQ 70 Küchenmaschinen-Aufsatz


My kitchen is small. I mean, really small. Whenever a new big culinary device catches my eye, I have to think about space first, and for this reason, no tall food processor entered so far. Therefor we where happy that we were offered to test the Braun MQ 70 Food Processor Attachment for the Multiquick series and enter Braun’s blogger campaign for winter baking. We already own and like the basic equipment – hand-held blender – and there’s some space left in the cupboard.
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Soup Inspiration – Suppen-Inspiration


Today it’s not about our own cooking but about the culinary inspiration offered by friends. By now, it’s more than three weeks that I have been suffering from bronchitis and laryngitis, and with such a long time (at least by my standards) that I spent speechless and with lots of liquid foods, a tipping point occurred at last. It might not least be due to culinary visits as well: a good friend gave me delicious raspberries with chocolate coating along with a most lovely pierogi pasta cutter from Cracow as a present (soon on the blog), and other lovely friends whose birthday party we couldn’t attend, spontaneously brought along wonderful leftovers from mousse to soup.
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Happy New Year with New Year’s Cornets – Ein frohes neues Jahr mit Neujahrswaffeln à la Krollkuchen


The new year has finally arrived – what will it be like for all of us? In many regions of Northern Germany, New Year’s greetings among neighbors, family and friends are offered along with a cup of tea and some Krollkuchen, a traditional New Year’s cornet spiced with aniseed. Even though I’m originally from the North, I know those treats only from my mother’s childhood memories – high time to get active, right. Indeed, these cookies are so tenderly crisp that any expectations and wishes for the new year become even better in their company. And that’s what we wish all of you as well: a happy new year and all the best!
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Finger Food for New Year’s Eve – Silvester-Fingerfood


I really like those days between Christmas and New Year when the former is gone but still shines with an afterglow and the latter already fills the air with a little glitter and glamour. We will spend a rather tranquil New Year’s Eve this time since I haven’t yet recovered from bronchitis. But that’s fine with us, this year has been rather exciting and entertaining anyhow, and of course we will have little culinary treats nevertheless.
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Last Minute Christmas Dinner – Weihnachts-Menü in letzter Minute


Most people will know by now what they will offer for dinner at Christmas. For those who are not yet sure, I assembled some suggestions, all of them calculated for four persons. Indeed, I haven’t planned to post a festive dinner this year, but for the moment, some crazy bronchitis keeps me from entering the offline Holiday countdown already. Therefor I enjoy some tranquility, linquus and ginger tea, I compiled some suitable recipes and pics that have been waiting yet unposted on the harddrive and warmed up for the celebrations to come with a moody photo shooting. The recipes are no showing-off dishes, just small treats with fine ingredients – they can be prepared easily so there’s enough time left to spend with family and friends.
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