Sunday Sketches – Sonntags-Skizzen

Sketches 9-1

We didn’t share another Sunday sketch since we are back from our blog break, haven’t we. On Tuesday, autumn begins, and in nature and city alike, you can feel it coming since a while. Arne captured some wonderful light scenerys somewhere between late summer and early autumn upon some walks that we had lately.
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Late Summer Aubergine for Barbecue – Gegrillte Spätsommer-Aubergine


In my eyes, aubergines are among the most beautiful crops with their slender shape and dark violet color. This year, I had a plant on my balcony for the first time, and a few days ago, I could harvest one fruit. That’s not much, isn’t it, but maybe this has been the tastiest aubergine I ever prepared, just because for the reason that it’s home-grown. It’s so easily done that I nearly can’t call it a recipe: sliced and flavored with spices for barbecue and accompanied by a fruity chutney or some tahini sauce, it symbolizes the very last days of late summer.
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Agora Food & Chard-Stuffed Puff Pastries – Agora Food & Blätterteig mit Mangold


Ever heard of Agora Food? This is the name of a new culinary platform by Agora Collective, an interdisciplinary artist’s space and network that resides in the Berlin district of Neukölln since 2011. And from now on, it’s also a place to meet for people with food visions and projects.

I have been invited to the launch dinner two weeks ago already to learn more about the many connections of food, art, and community activities, and what could be a better opportunity to do so than a multi-course meal prepared by Agora chefs. The latter make the place’s first food project indeed, which is the chef-in-residence programme that started in spring already. Meaning: Each day of the week, another resident cook – or an artist searching for new means of expression in food – prepares lunch according to his or her philosophy. On Mondays, for example, vegan soul food is prepared by Tara Baird while every Wednesday belongs to performance artist Joseph Patricio’s „Pepe cocinero“ with fusion cuisine based on local products along with flavors from the Philippines. Every Friday, painter and Agora co-founder Caique Tizzi creates lunch dishes out of sweet ingredients, and there’s much more to discover on every other day of the week.
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Finnish & Vegetarian: Sienipullat with Licorice Vodka Cream & Blackberry Chutney – Finnland vegetarisch: Sienipullat mit Lakritz-Wodka-Sahne und Brombeer-Chutney


I love this time of the year when the last berries of summer, preserved in compote or chutney, meet the first autumn mushrooms. This year, everything starts earlier due to warm weather, but I’m in the mood for mushrooms only from September on nevertheless. In Europe, thinking of berries and mushrooms is closely connected to the far North, and Finland is one of the most Northern countries over here to think of, right. So, here we are again with my second contribution to the most lovely blog event Kochen mit Wodka (which translates to cooking with vodka) hosted by wonderful blogger Claudia of Dinner um Acht and Frankfurt Bookfair – the place to be for all Suomi fans since the country is this year’s guest of honor at the fair.
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AEG @ IFA: From Foodpairing Workshop to Profiteroles with Balsamic Vinegar & Pistachios – Vom Foodpairing-Workshop zu Profiteroles mit Balsamico & Pistazien


Last Friday, Zorra of Kochtopf, German household appliance producer AEG and chef Christian Mittermeier have invited for a foodpairing workshop at IFA, and like about 20 food blogger colleagues as well, I happily followed the invitation. Indeed, everybody is talking about foodpairing these days, however my deeper knowledge about it has been restricted so far. Good opportunity to get into it, right – and the evening started with some interesting experiments about taste and senses. How hot is hot when your hands – eyes closed – touch some nails or some cozy plush? Is a glass of wine more or less sweet depending on the music? Experience varied from absolutely to not at all, with me somewhere in the middle.
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Bauknecht at IFA & Hokkaido Pumpkin Burger – Bauknecht auf der IFA & Hokkaido-Kürbis-Burger


Last week, IFA had taken place in Berlin – the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. Me and some other food blogger colleagues had been invited to take a look at the stall of German household electronics company Bauknecht, and today I’d like to tell you about the discoveries in handling, energy efficiency and style I could make on that occasion – and the recipe inspiration I got in the end.
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Back with Walnut Macarons & Chipotle Ganache – Zurück mit Walnuss-Macarons & Chipotle-Ganache


We’re back from holiday, and before I will do a little travel post, soon, I restart today where I ended before the break: with walnuts. They perform greatly not just in a burger, but also with macarons and chipotle – I mentioned this French-Mexican pairing idea in my last post already.
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California Fusion Walnut Burger & Bok Choy Slaw – California Fusion Walnuss-Burger mit Pak-Choi-Slaw


When I think of California, very different things come to my mind. Nappa Valley wine of course, Ron Finleys L.A. Guerilla Gardening, Monterey TED conferencesn and Ansel Adams iconic Yosemite photographs that he started to work on since the 190ies. So it’s mainly about a tremendously beautiful nature and creativity – and this has been true for a culinary revolution in the region, too. I have never been to the place myself, but I remember the mind-blowing effect that California Fusion cuisine had on me even as a teenager in the 80ies. Not that I had been cooking back then already, but my father’s curiosity for the world’s cookery traditions had an impact on me since early age.
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Sunday Sketches & Berlin Food Blogger Barbecue – Sonntags-Skizzen & Berliner Food-Bloggerinnen- und Blogger-Grillen

Sketches 2(5)

The last days have seen some photographic and foodie adventures again. We met friends at a nice tandoori barbecue and DJ session at Jackie O at Rummelsburger Bucht that had been organized by the most friendly W Imbiss team, and on our way to get there, we witnessed two amazing light & cloud sceneries at the same time in different directions of the sky. Unfortunately, we had to proceed our way right into the arms of that enormous thunderstorm cloud by bicycle, but luckily, we reached our final destination safely and had great naan pizza & salmon (that I forgot to take a picture of).
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Chocolate Ice-Cream and Caramel & Walnut Cornets – Schokoladeneis und Karamell-Walnuss-Waffeln


It’s not that blazing hot any more round here, but it’s still summer (which is fine), and summer calls for ice-cream. Even without a proper ice-cream maker, it’s possible to have this treat in a home-made version, however it takes a bit of time and care. Together with children, the fun is even bigger – that’s what I could experience when a good friend of mine and her sweet little daughters gave me a visit two weeks ago already. Since home-made ice-cream needs a long rest in the deep-freezer, I had prepared some in advance so that we could have that one right-away after preparation of the other – children don’t love to wait for hours for some ice-cream to finally freeze, do they.
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