It’s Showtime! Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 & “Cooking with Vodka” – Frankfurter Buchmesse 2014 & “Kochen mit Wodka”


Books and shows and heavy feet: like last year already, Frankfurt Book Fair had been so much fun again. Time flies with some talking here and some blogger meetings there and of course with discoveries in cookbooks – suddenly, half the day has gone by already, and a certain thrill of anticipation is increasing…
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Pumpkin & Truffle Burger at Street Food Thursday – Kürbis-Trüffel-Burger auf dem Street Food Thursday


How great a fair and a food blogger event it has been! So many of you have joined event host Claudia of Dinner um Acht and me for vodka and wild mushroom balls at Frankfurt Book Fair, and together we had so much fun. There are already wonderful posts about it on Claudia’s, Yushka’s and Kai’s blog, and soon I will do a post, too.

But since another happy event is approaching, today I would like to hint to a further happy happening: Eva and Paolo of I tartufi die Ale & Bere have invited me to cook with them at Street Food Thursday – and that’s exactly what we will be doing:
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New Food Generation & New Food Economy: The Food Entrepreneurs Club & foodXchange @ Stadt Land Food

Sketches 6(3)-1-1-1-2

In previous posts, I mentioned it already, and now it’s time to share my adventures at Stadt Land Food with you. The whole festival had been a celebration of new ways to produce and consume food, and I started the week-end with a visit at Food Entrepreneurs Club. It’s the brainchild of Stefanie Rothenhöfer who is involved into the Markthalle Neun team as well, and of course I happily followed her invitation to Atelier 2112. The location could barely gather the crowd – obviously, there are quite a lot of food entrepreneurs in Berlin, those who are already in action and those to be.
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Sunday Sketches – Sonntags-Skizzen

Sketches 5(3)-1

A weekend in food – this is exactly what that last days have been. It started with tiny cakes from the lovely little book „Mini-Törtchen“ by Martin Schönleben that I prepared for a children’s birthday party at friends, went on with Stadt Land Food festival (there will be a separate post about it, soon) and ended with an excellent supper at a friend’s most beautiful garden hut – with delicacies that I had swapped at the wonderful foodXchange while friends had celebrated some food-shop till you drop session around Markthalle Neun, the festival’s epicentre.
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Truffled Eggs in Jars & Upcoming Berlin Food Events – Getrüffelte Eier im Glas & aktuelle Berliner Food Events


Culinary events all over the place – happy times for foodies are at the doors in Berlin these days. I will hopefully find the time to drop by here and there, and everybody who is in town right now: maybe there’s some nice foodie hints for you as well (and a little recipe in the end).
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Cooking with Vodka @ Frankfurt Book Fair – Wir kochen mit Wodka auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse!


There’s good reason to celebrate like the Finns do, because my wonderful blogger colleague Claudia of Dinner um Acht and me will be cooking at Frankfurt Bookfair’s Gourmet Gallery! My Sienipullat contribution to her wonderful Finnish inspired blog event Kochen mit Wodka (which translates to Cooking with Vodka) was so very lucky to reach first place – I can’t yet believe it. Since I got the news, I enjoy a wonderful mushroom ball licorice vodka blackberry chutney happiness.
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Vegan Baking Workshop & „Cheesecake“ Recipe – La Veganista backt: Workshop & “Käsekuchen”-Rezept


Vegan food has become quite popular in recent years and has gained respect not just because of animal welfare but also for culinary reasons. Indeed, most people might know savory vegan cuisine since many dishes from the Mediterraneans or from Asia are prepared without dairy products or eggs anyway. But when it comes to sweet vegan baking, the party is over at the latest when cheesecake is on the agenda. Am I right or am I wrong with this? To find out, me and a couple of other curious bloggers – both vegan and non-vegan – met Nicole Just, author of „La Veganista backt“, upon a vegan baking workshop in Berlin organized by Munich-based publishing house Gräfe und Unzer.
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Sunday Sketches – Sonntags-Skizzen

Sketches 9-1

We didn’t share another Sunday sketch since we are back from our blog break, haven’t we. On Tuesday, autumn begins, and in nature and city alike, you can feel it coming since a while. Arne captured some wonderful light scenerys somewhere between late summer and early autumn upon some walks that we had lately.
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Late Summer Aubergine for Barbecue – Gegrillte Spätsommer-Aubergine


In my eyes, aubergines are among the most beautiful crops with their slender shape and dark violet color. This year, I had a plant on my balcony for the first time, and a few days ago, I could harvest one fruit. That’s not much, isn’t it, but maybe this has been the tastiest aubergine I ever prepared, just because for the reason that it’s home-grown. It’s so easily done that I nearly can’t call it a recipe: sliced and flavored with spices for barbecue and accompanied by a fruity chutney or some tahini sauce, it symbolizes the very last days of late summer.
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Agora Food & Chard-Stuffed Puff Pastries – Agora Food & Blätterteig mit Mangold


Ever heard of Agora Food? This is the name of a new culinary platform by Agora Collective, an interdisciplinary artist’s space and network that resides in the Berlin district of Neukölln since 2011. And from now on, it’s also a place to meet for people with food visions and projects.

I have been invited to the launch dinner two weeks ago already to learn more about the many connections of food, art, and community activities, and what could be a better opportunity to do so than a multi-course meal prepared by Agora chefs. The latter make the place’s first food project indeed, which is the chef-in-residence programme that started in spring already. Meaning: Each day of the week, another resident cook – or an artist searching for new means of expression in food – prepares lunch according to his or her philosophy. On Mondays, for example, vegan soul food is prepared by Tara Baird while every Wednesday belongs to performance artist Joseph Patricio’s „Pepe cocinero“ with fusion cuisine based on local products along with flavors from the Philippines. Every Friday, painter and Agora co-founder Caique Tizzi creates lunch dishes out of sweet ingredients, and there’s much more to discover on every other day of the week.
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