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Oriental Summer Salad for KAHLA Porzellan*

It’s finally summer, and we couldn’t be happier about it. This is the time of the year with a great variety of crops and fruit out there on the farmer markets and in your own garden or balcony. And even though we’re a little sad […]

Wax Bean Salad – Wachsbrechbohnen-Salat

In the 1970ies, wax bean salad has been a popular part of the likewise popular pickled vegetables that have been served as a side dish in many restaurants. In most cases, it had not been home-made (those have been the 70ies after all, and the […]

Variations of the Well-Known: Potato Salads

There is much talking since a while about urban farming and community gardens, and we just love those topics. Some weeks ago, we started some balcony farming ourselves, much to late in season but with a lot of fun – we will talk about this […]