Keep it Simple: Ciabatta with Scamorza Affumicata, Figs and Sage


Simple Ciabatta Lunch
I love cheese sandwiches. But I hate those days where there’s no time left to have a proper meal – at home or outside. These sweet little things somewhere between a sandwich and a crostini don’t need much time of preparation and contain two warm ingredients after all – and one of them is even prepared in a pan, so it’s close to a real dish ;-).

Perfect Berlinale Food – the film festival is about to begin on thursday and the race will be open. For tickets. For some star search. And for those involved for the Bears of course. Here’s some pics of the Ciabatta along with a glimpse by Arne on the calm before the storm at Potsdamer Platz.

Here’s my recipe:

Gently roast some slices of Ciabatta, Baguette or Pita bread. Heat some sage leaves in olive oil. Cut some radiccio and some dried figs into fine slices, grate the Scamorza or any other smoked cheese finely (which enhances its taste). Cut a garlic clove in two halves and gently rub the warm bread with it. Drip some of the sage olive oil on the bread, add radiccio, cheese and figues. Give some of the fried sage leaves and some black pepper on top. That’s all!

I just came across a nice blog event of which is guest-hosted by the beautiful blog Divyas Culinary Journey. I love to contribute to it – so I take my ciabatta and figs and sage rigth here:

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15 thoughts on “Keep it Simple: Ciabatta with Scamorza Affumicata, Figs and Sage”

  1. That’s my sandwich! I like figs, I like sage (especially roasted) and I like Scamorza all the more. I absolutely have to try this. By the way: Scamorza is also available in organic – I often use it to add a smokey flavour to some dishes (in a way non-vegetarians do so with bacon).


    • Indeed, I took organic Scamorza. Sometimes they sell very small ones at my local organic shop – oh my goodness, too good to be true. I like your idea of using it the way you describe it. I often take smoked tofu for such cases but I will give Scamorza a try – the small ones should be just perfect for that, you can even roast them slightly in a pan.


  2. This looks delish! Given the choice between your bemme de luxe and a standard cheese sandwich, i know which one i´d choose 😉 I bet it tastes like summer. Are you gonna do a bit of “star gazing” this year? Or is it more like “been there, done that”?


    • Thank you for your nice comment :-). Yes, it tasted like summer already.
      If we have some time left we will try to catch some Berlinale feeling this year again. It’s always interesting.


  3. Wow, what lovely photos and an interesting layout! I had something similar for lunch, brie and salami on toast, and I am dribbling right now looking at your photos.


  4. says:

    I don’t think simple means what you think it means, but this does look good 😀


    • Oops… Maybe basic or easy would have been better? Non-native speaker’s confusion ;-). Great that you like it nevertheless and thanks for stopping by!


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