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Hazelnut Hummus with Braun Multiquick*

In spring, I introduced to you a lovely Braun handheld-blender set – and a recipe for Oriental-style pesto – that I got as a birthday present. Lately, we have been asked

Neulich erreichte uns das Angebot, ein Multiquick-Stabmixer-Set von Braun auszuprobieren und vorzustellen. Ein sehr schönes Set aus der Serie habe ich bereits im Frühjahr zum Geburtstag bekommen…

New Treats from the Old-Berlin „Hungerturm“

If I ask myself (or if someone else would ask me) what Berlin cuisine is like to me, I would consider it to be open-minded and manifold in the first place. I couldn’t imagine Berlin without that gorgeous mixture of Currywurst and Apple strudel, Banh […]