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Autumn Evening: Carbonara, Black Kale & White Truffles versus Banana & Almond Bread-Rolls

After a particularly long working week, “the morning after” often looks like this: the fridge is rather empty, but the longing for most rustic culinary treats is vast. This combinations sometimes…

Der Morgen nach einer besonders langen Arbeitswoche sieht bei uns oft so aus: Der Kühlschrank ist fast leer und der Appetit auf Rustikalstmögliches grenzenlos. Heraus kommen dann manchmal Reste…

Frittata with Fava Beans, Peas and Truffles

Before starting with today’s recipes, we would like to say thank you very much to the wordpress editing team for having picked New treats from the Old-Berlin Hungerturm lately for the Freshly Pressed section. It’s a big honor and greatly appreciated. Thanks so much to […]

Reishunger*: Black Rice & Truffled Eggs

As you might have noticed as a reader of this blog, we’re not the biggest rice fans in the world. However, when a young Northern German company called Reishunger (which translates to rice hunger) offered a package with samples, I agreed – not least because […]