Appetizer? Sushi? Labneh Minis with Uda’s Sesame Ginger Oil


Labneh Minis


Did you ever have Sushi and cheese in one dish? No? Me either, and maybe it’s better that way. But it’s beautiful to eat cheese in a Sushi style. The idea came up only while shooting the sweet little somethings on appetizer spoons – some cross-over of serving habits came out in the end.

All told, this one is re-inspired by Uda of mittagbeimutti – her blog where she features her most gorgeous lunch meals. She recently invented a very cute Labneh cheese praliné after having been inspired by my flowery Labneh and Paneer the other day. I was fascinated with the spices and the shape of her creation. So here is the next re-creation – maybe we are kind of on the edge of an ongoing Labneh connection ;-).

Of course, anything eaten like Sushi needs a dip. Uda also created some homemade ginger oil a couple of month ago which sounded like a must-have to me. I changed her recipe only in so far as I used sesame oil as a foundation and did not rasp the ginger but sliced it very finely – a little bit like Sushi ginger. What can I say? Well, it is a mus-have indeed.

This one’s for you Uda – I want to say thank you with this little European-Asian fusion for your most beautiful words about my culinary adventures and like to give back the compliments in return. Your knowledge and phantasy with spices and ingredients are a never ending high-end source of inspiration to me – not to mention all the fun. So let’s go on – now that some great iron pans are in the house in Hamburg and Berlin alike ;-).

Here’s some insight to the Labneh cuties:



Here’s my Recipe

Prepare some Labneh like in this recipe, using sheep’s milk yoghurt instead of buffaloe’s milk and 1 teaspoon of fine curry powder instead of flowers. Cut some fresh ginger into very fine slices (I used my truffle slicer). Heat sesame oil with the ginger slices – don’t boil, just heat. Fill in a glass and put aside overnight. Roast gently some white sesame seeds in a dry pan.

Once the Labneh is finished, roll tiny balls from the cheese. Cover all over with the roasted sesame seeds and arrange on small plates or appetizer spoons with some oil and some ginger slices. That’s it already! Eat like Sushi if you like.


Today’s topic for Arne’s urban shots is different kinds of mobility. Take a look if you like:



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16 thoughts on “Appetizer? Sushi? Labneh Minis with Uda’s Sesame Ginger Oil”

  1. I can’t find words to thank you for these warm and delightful words! I also love the way we inspire and re-inspire ourselves! And I love these tiny little balls! What a combination again! Big hug!


  2. My pleasure!
    Great that you like the combination! It was indeed tasty – how could I survive till now without ginger oil? And now that we gave each other fine hommages, what do we invent next 🙂 ?
    Big hug in return and good night!


  3. Antje Radcke says:

    Appetizer – definitively appetizer! I think it’s time for me to make a decision: Either emptying my fridge or buying an additional one. I desperately need some space to make labneh. Thanks for your inspiration – I’m considering about using your sesame-ginger-oil in a different manner, at least 😉


    • The Labneh minis will most probably be d’accord with being eaten as an appetizer :-).
      If I would have the space, I would decide for a second fridge – one for every-day life and one for all the drained yoghurt cheeses and doughs and curds that we all come across on each other’s blogs.


  4. Sam says:

    This looks so incredible! I’ve been wanting to make labneh forever, its especially delicious marinated with dukkuh. I’m so happy I found your blog!


    • Hi Sam,thank you for dropping by. I didn’t know dukkuh so far – a quick search on the internet leads to the conclusion that I absolutely have to try it. Thanks for the hint – and I’m happy to get to know your blog now, too!


  5. Das ist ja schön hier! Großartige Fotos, hinreißende Rezepte und meine “alte Heimat”. Simply beautiful!
    Danke, dass der Topinambur schuld war, dass ich hierher gefunden hab.
    liebe Grüße


    • Vielen lieben Dank für Deinen tollen Kommentar, das freut mich sehr! Und Deine Topinambur-Stracciatella steht schon auf der Nachkochliste. Lieben Gruß zurück!


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