Triple Spaghetti with Sesame Oil, Cinnamon, and Cocos


Triple Spaghetti
Happy thursday – time for some colourfull Italian-Asian cross over with pasta, carrots and again some Çeçil peyniri Cheese. Leave away the noodles and you can easily go for a low-carb lunch, but I personally leave this option aside till summer ;-).

Here’s my recipe:

Let’s start with some ingredients similar in shape but totally different in taste: Çeçil peyniri cheese, picked in long and small strands (is this the proper word for it?), some fresh carottes sliced in spaghetti shape (with a spiral slicer) and black rice noodles from the organic shop (maybe they can be found elsewhere but that’s where I bought them). Roast a handfull of cocos rasps in a dry pan untill the cocos has a slight touch of toffee colour. Take out, and in the same pan, heat gently some sesame oil. Cut a mild chillie pepper (in German: Pepperoni) in the middle, put it in the pan and let it flavor the oil along with few cinnamon powder. Turn off the heat.

Blanch the carrottes in boiling salt water for about two minutes if you like them al dente. Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the package (mine had to boil for 4 minutes, as they are quite thin). Pour the noodles, chill them quickly (I never do this with wheat noodles, but rice noodles can be quite sticky if you don’t) and swirl it in the warm spicy oil. Add the carrot spirals next, than the fine cheese strands and little salt (the cheese is quite salty already). Mix well, put on a plate and add some fruit on top. I took some physalis, and they were just perfect with a slightly acid touch. Give the cocos rasps on top and some freshly crushed black pepper as well. Decorate with the cillies if you like (and in case you really got mild ones). The dish is supposed to be warm now, not hot, so that all the different tastes come out very well. Et voilà!

Here are some more of my photos of the treats and Arnes pics of the snow..

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As I came across the beautiful blog Tinned Tomatoes by Jacqueline who is host to the nice blog event Pasta Please, I join the event with this recipe:

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