Food with a View on Hauptstadtmutti with Herbal Pattern Noodles



If your are a mom, you might like this one a lot: Hauptstadtmutti and us have started a little blog cooperation! Isa’s and Claudia’s beautiful bilingual streetstyle blog aims to show that (not only) Berlin mom’s don’t give up on fashion just because of motherhood but still love to dress up – creatively, crazy, elegant, DIY, fancy, cool, reduced, romantic, vintage… you name it. And there’s something else that mom’s might be interested in: quick and fancy treats. Food Friday is therefor a Hauptstadtmutti’s new series, and we are most happy that we are invited to contribute to it with a monthly culinary guest post.

Our biggest challenge might be to create some recipes that fit adult foodie’s needs as much as kid’s desires – and that are compiled as quickly as a casual street outfit. For today, Isa and Claudia have chosen our herbal pattern noodles. It’s not really a quick dish – indeed, making noodles at home takes a little time. But doing it with kids turns it into a lovely little party with the pasta machine’s crank as the master of ceremony. The noodle experience is therefor a great choice – not at least for the sauce-only sauce that it comes along with. Our regular readers among you might remember the little conversation that I had with my cute three-year-old godchild about sauce that is black – of course, what else – and consists of sauce only. Find the recipe and the story here (German-language readers can switch the language), and get inspired by Isa’s and Claudia’s world of authentic Berlin streetstyle. Have fun – and wish you all another beautiful summer weekend!



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6 thoughts on “Food with a View on Hauptstadtmutti with Herbal Pattern Noodles”

  1. magentratzerl says:

    Hauptstadtmuttis 🙂
    My kids willingly would turn the pasta-machine’s handle. But wouldn’t eat the pasta – there’s green in it; it’s poison 😉


    • Maybe they would like the pattern – my friend’s little girl normally doesn’t love greens either (like any kid, presumably), but in the patterned noodles, they are very well hidden ;-).


  2. From time to time I wish I was still a kid… I wouldn’t mind the green! Self-made pasta made without me being the “self”,

    Most mothers know that kids and healthy food don’t always go together. Last week I offered self-made icecream to the neighbour kids. At first they didn’t want to eat it because there were tiny green pieces in it – fresh mint. I asked them to close their eyes and start eating without looking. It worked! For once, at least. For next time they claim “real icecream” without the green…


    • “Self-made without me being the self” – what a great saying!
      I also love the little story about your neighbour’s kids, it shows so well that it’s always worth (also for adults) to give tastes a try without visual pre-examination ;-).


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