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It dates back about two months already that I have been to The Hive, the European Blogger Conference at Berlin Betahaus. I had plans to make a post and write a little about my first experience at a big blogger’s get-together. About the most inspiring fellow bloggers from Germany, Europe and Oversea’s I met. About lots of keynotes, many of them interesting and some of them even thrilling. About the great job that the two organizers Peggy and Yvonne did and the fact that more workshops would be great next time (as far as I know this will be considered next year). About the fact that everybody could be that crazy cat lady pretending to be a food blogger – an idea that had been introduced by one of the keynote speakers and which had been followed by a tumultous discussion about authenticity.

But obviously, I couldn’t make it to take the time and write something about all of this. Well, here’s something much better! A few days ago, video artist Kat of the wonderful blog Zero the One published her most lovely recap film about The Hive. Indeed, her moving images show so beautifully what it was like to be there, and I therefor invite you to take a look at her little film which you find here.

I have been so lucky to participate in the stimulating and inspiring video blogging workshop Kat gave at the conference where she invited us to take some footage, too. Like some other participants, I also captured a few impressions, some of which she kindly included in the film. So you will find a tiny Food with a View contribution and wonderful footage of some fellow bloggers in it as well. Thanks so much, Kat, for you film and this lovely souvenir for everybody who has been at the Hive (which might be also an appetizer for those who haven’t attended yet).

And now, have fun with the clip – and see some food paintings from the temporary summer atelier that I mentioned in the last post, soon. Whish you a all a wonderful summer’s weekend!

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6 thoughts on “The Hive – Kat’s Recap Film”

  1. I wanted to attend too, but unfortunately i didnt have the time 😦 Hope they do it next year again.


  2. Hmmm… this kind of approach to blogging is so far away from what I am doing – amazing. I am not sure if I would like to give up my dilettantism. 😉 Life is complicated enough already…
    Thanks for showing anyway!


    • Thank you for your comment, Eva. Generally, The Hive had welcomed bloggers of any kind, wether private or professional bloggers and anything in between – although there had indeed been some emphasis on inspiration how to professionalize blog life. But there are so many ways to run a blog, and your’s is just fine as well.


  3. Claudia, thank you for sharing the video and your thoughts on the Hive. It was a fully packed weekend and a great way to just see bloggers without the veil of the internet – a refreshing revelation! I hope to see you in Copenhagen!


    • Thanks for stopping, by, Kat! It’s been my pleasure to share your wonderful video -and you are right, it’s wonderful to meet bloggers in reality, not just on the internet. Maybe next year in Copenhagen :-).


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