Spicy Rhubarb Compote in Jars with Cheesecake Topping


Rhubarb Preview

Rhubarb is still in season, and after Arne and me had some savory filo tarte version and a crumble already, here is a quick and easy post with a quick and easy rhubarb solo. The idea originated from a sudden idea how to make use of some leftover’s, that’s why a little bit of cheesecake is involved, too. There has been a slight complication because I wanted to have it in jars of different sizes for a nice photo (which means that I had to think which jar had to stay how long in the oven… ). But everything turned out fine in the end.

Rhubarb Compote with Cheesecake Topping

Here’s my recipe

For six jars of 160 ml content each, take about 5 medium sized rhubarb sticks. If the skin is thin enough you don’t need to peel it off. Cut into not too small pieces. Mix with 1/2 teaspoon of starch and 5 tablespoons of sugar (or less – it depends how sour or sweet you like your rhubarb compote). Give in a small pot together with a little bit of water, heat and let simmer for a couple of minutes. Add a bit of pepper, ground cardamom, ground coriander seeds, cinnamon, clove, and allspice. Fill into the jars (which you cleaned before, as well as the lids and the rubber rings, by keeping them in boiling water for about five minutes and letting get air-dried).

For the cheesecake topping, mix very well 250 g medium fat curd cheese with one egg, 1 teaspoon whole spelt flour, 40 g raw sugar, a little bit of lemon zest (orange zest might fit even better), and some ground vanilla bean. Fill in the jars on top of the rhubarb compote and make sure that there’s no holes between the compote and the topping and leave a little bit of space on top for the cake dough to rise (1,5 cm approximately). Put the lids on the jars (just the lids, not the rings) without fixing them with the clamps (this procedure prevents the cake topping from burning while the inner part is still uncooked). Put into the preheated oven (175 °C) and bake for about 25-30 minutes. Take off the oven, take off the lids, put on the moist rubber rings immediately and the lids again and close with clamps. Be very careful as the lids and the jars are really very hot. Serve cool.

Today’s urban shot

Here are some impressions from a bicycle trip that Arne did the other day in Berlin Mitte and Tiergarten where he crossed art and nature and industrial architecture details.

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15 thoughts on “Spicy Rhubarb Compote in Jars with Cheesecake Topping”

  1. Oh, very nice! I just made a small batch of strawberry and rhubarb compote, and had some for breakfast with plain yoghurt, and I can imagine how making it a real dessert with cheesecake must be truly delicious! Very nice pictures too, as always!


  2. What a delicious cheesecake! I like your idea to bake it with lids on because I dislike the “skin” on cheesecakes very much! And I can imagine that pepper, cardamom and coriander fit nicely with rhubarb!
    We made the opéra again yesternight and I put some cardamom into the ganache… I’ll take the first piece tonite and am very curious if it fits. 🙂
    This time my favorite shot is the “cohesion” one!


    • Thank you, Eva! As for the urban shots: It’s interesting that in most cases, your most-liked ones are my favourite ones, too ;-). I like that twisted metal shot a lot as well.
      Oh, I am most curious to see your opéra cake soon on your blog! As I just love cardamom in sweet things, I am sure that it has been most delightful.


  3. magentratzerl says:

    What wonderful photos – I specially love the third one.


  4. What a fantastic idea again! Cake “kind-of-sunny-side-up”. I love it and I’d love to try it!
    Ach Claudia! Wo holst du diese Sachen her? Ich bin immer ganz aufgeregt, wenn in meinem Mailaccount ein neuer Post von dir angezeigt wird. Immer anders, immer irgendwie crazy. Normal geht bei dir nicht, was 😉
    Rhabarber ist immer wieder eine Herausforderung. Oft ist es am Ende irgendwie gearteter faseriger Matsch (bei dir natürlich nicht). Aber so dargeboten, mit Gewürzen für ein aromatisches Curry, kommt es natürlich total anders daher. Kann es mir grade nicht im Kopf zusammenschmecken. Sollte ich wohl mal ausprobieren, was? Liebe Grüße!!


    • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, Uda, you make my day. I gladly give back the compliment in return – your lunch creations are always a major inspiration!

      Die warmen Gewürze stehen dem Süß-Sauren tatsächlich ganz gut, wenn du’s probieren solltest bin ich gespannt zu hören, wie du’s findest. Und doch, ich koch ganz viel normales Zeug – ein Dauerbrenner sind Pasta mit schlichtest gebratenen Tomaten und Salat mit ohne alles. Aber das kann ich ja nicht mindestens einmal die Woche posten ;-).

      Faseriger Rhabarber-Matsch, you name it. Im Back-Kompott spielt das Gott sei Dank keine große Rolle. Aber erst kürzlich musste ich einem Rhabarber-Erdbeer-Kompott, das etwas ansehnlicher sein sollte, da es elegant ein Dessert herunterlaufen sollte, mit dem Pürierstab den Todesstoß geben. Danach war dann allerdings die Farbe unsäglich, und das Gesamtwerk erblühte in lindgrün und altrosa.


  5. What a clever combination. And so beautifully depicted! I’d love to grab a jar and start eating…. Unfortunately milk products don’t agree with me (I ate far too much cheese in France) at the moment. So I might try to substitute the curd cheese with some tofu or soycream mixture.
    The amazon and the horse look quite relaxed.
    Have a nice summer day in Berlin.


    • Thanks a lot!I am sure that tofu will be very fine as well – especially silken tofu. I nevertheless hope that you will be able to have some nice cheese soon again (and that you are not affected by the current flood in so many parts of Germany).

      You are right, horse and rider look very calm.


  6. Hi Claudia! Your rhubarb compote looks delicious. I want some! Also, love the picture of the three different sized jars in front of the tree trunk and violet flowers. SO Pretty!!


    • Thank you very much, that’s so nice of you! I tried a different style with the photo for the first time, a bit rustic and flowery – great that you like it.


  7. This sounds so beautiful Claudia. Gorgeous photos too! I love rhubarb and the idea of serving individual cheesecakes in jars is great. I’ll definitely be trying this!


    • Wonderful that you like it, thank you! If you give it a try (I am always happy if someone tries my recipes) I will be excited to hear how you like the taste and the consistency.


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