Roasted Zucchini with Dandelion and Wild Herbs Cream Cheese after a Brandenburg Bicycle Tour



Time goes fast – this year’s 1st May bicycle trip has taken place a week ago already. Before season for young wild herbs will be gone soon, here is another quick little wild herb’s recipe along with some insight to the beautiful Brandenburg scenery with horses and herbs and matcha cheesecake picknick (which I post “en route”, so it’s very short this time).

Here’s my recipe

This is a very quick and easy one: Clean the mixed wild herbs (we found dandelion, nettle and goutweed), take off the nettles and cut them finely, let them simmer a little bit in a pot with butter and oil. Add some garlic if you like (which I do). Cut the other herbs finely and leave aside some nice dandelion leaves. Cut a small shallot. Mix cream cheese and sour cream, add salt and pepper and mix with all the herbs (the heated and the raw ones) and the shallots.

Cut a zucchini into very fine stripes and roast in a pan with some sunflower and olive oil until they get a little bit of color. Add a little bit of brown sugar and let slightly caramelize. Add very few raspberry vinegar, salt and pepper. Arrange on plates or serve in the pan together with the dandelion leaves you hava put aside before and with some cream cheese on top. Serve with bread or potatoes.

Just a little addition: To be honest, I know close to nothing about wild herbs. Each year in spring I have forgotten what the eatable ones look like. Thanks to my little goutweed harvest at a friend’s garden two weeks ago I recognized at least goutweed during the little velo trip (well, not in every single case – I was close to picking some tree shots by mistake). But another friend of ours knows enough about all the other greens as well to keep us from fainting with poison ;-). We even discovered some ferns with furled fronds that looked like fiddleheads and I was so enthusiastic about its beauty that I was willing to do a rich harvest. But I was kept from doing so which surely has been better this way – many ferns are obviously known to be poisonous, and if you don’t know the plants you better keep hands off. So did we, but I am so thrilled by some blog posts I read about real fiddleheads that I HAVE to find a shop that sells the beautiful creatures – greengrocers will hopefully know better than me which ones are fine for consumption.

Todays Urban Shots

…are not urban, not even suburban, but rural. Look at the beautiful Brandenburg landscpape that we passed by:

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9 thoughts on “Roasted Zucchini with Dandelion and Wild Herbs Cream Cheese after a Brandenburg Bicycle Tour”

  1. Whereabouts in Brandenburg have you been? I remeber mostly furs and dry sand, but that was south of Berlin (Belitz-Belzig). I like to collect stuff you can eat as well (and am quite unhappy with them many dogs in the city…) but soon the elders will flower 🙂
    I love the white beauty! It seems to be dreaming. (I have been a horse girl for many years…)


    • We made a little trip in the woods and the fields in the northeastern direction which started in Strausberg Nord. There are beautiful lakes also. In know the Belzig region as well – it is Berin’s traditional asparagus area.

      Yes, the horse seems to dream a little bit. A long time ago, I was a horse girl, too…


  2. Antje Radcke says:

    So I’m gonna to go in my garden, picking up some wild herbs and flowers once again. There are creamcheese and zucchini in my fridge – waiting for to be used… Thanks a lot for the idea!


    • Roasted vegetables and cream cheese are a good combination, indeed. I’m excited to hear which wild herbs you will add to it as your garden offers much more interesting things than I am able to regognize in open range!


  3. I’m going to Brandenburg next weekend! I’ll motivate our friends to pick all the lovely herbs!
    Wie fein, wie grün! Die karamellisierte Zucchini zu den herben Herbs finde ich ganz toll! Diese Fiddleheads find ich auch so wahnsinnig hübsch, hab ich aber wirklich noch NIE hier gesehen. Wo gibt es die, ich will sie!!


    • Das ist ja toll! Es gibt in Brandenburg ja viele wahnsinnig schöne Ecken und tolle Kräuterplätzchen, ganz viel Erfolg also (und eine tolle Zeit)!

      I haven’t seen fiddleheads on normal food markets or in greengroceries or organic shops yet, but I did some research and found out that some caterers offer it (however I never saw fiddleheads on a catering buffet) so it must be available somewhere. I also found an online shop that sells deepfreeze fiddleheads (Geigenkopf-Gemüse in German), it’s Bos Foods. Maybe Frischeparadies will have it as well. According to Wikipedia, fiddleheads are popular in France, Asia and North America. So maybe Asian food stores could be worth a try as well. I would love to find some organic regional product (which would be from France in that case, I guess). But we will have to be quick if we want to find it: season is now and it will soon be over.


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