In Between: Yellow Beetroot Carpaccio with Tarragon Vinaigrette and Daikon Cress




Late winter and early spring still take a joint walk on the wild side. Best time to present this simple dish to you which I have prepared some time ago already. It’s completely unpretentious, yet it has a fabulous ingredient to offer: the most shining winter vegetable I have ever seen. It looks like a true fairytale root on the outside – and if you cut it endwise you may find yourself marveling at this color, totally forgetting about the dish. We got however hungry in the meantime – so I decided to prepare a carpaccio on some field salad with a nice tarragon vinaigrette, along with some walnuts and some daikon cress. A true winter dish still – but doesn’t it look like spring already?



Here’s my recipe:

Boil a small yellow beetroot on steem as a whole fruit for about 20 minutes (depending on size, maybe a bit longer). As I had cut them already for the photos, I peeled them before, but you can do this after the cooking so that even more flavor stays where it is needed. I normally prefer baking, but it might get too soft for the further procedure.

Let cool down a little bit and cut into very fine slices (I used my truffle slicer for this). In the meantime, give the field salad a trim, crack some walnuts, mix a vinaigrette out of tarragon mustard, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, walnut oil, and pistachio oil. As for the tarragon mustard, try to choose a sort which does not contain colorant (and looks artificially green) but one with a lot of true tarragon in it. It doesn’t look that „nice“, but the taste will be totally different. Add some vinaigrette to the salad and arrange on two plates. Chop a shallot into fine rings, arrange the beetroot slices on the salad, spread with more vinaigrette, decorate with shallots, walnuts, and daikon cress.

For those who don’t know yellow beetroots yet: The taste is similar to red beetroot, of course, but as I’m not the biggest fan in the world of the latter due to its dark and strong taste, the yellow fellows with their more refined, sweeter and “lighter” flavor are just perfect for me. Give it a try – if not in this winter season any more (which will hopefully end soon, meteorologically spoken), maybe in the next.


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12 thoughts on “In Between: Yellow Beetroot Carpaccio with Tarragon Vinaigrette and Daikon Cress”

  1. Ohhh, it had been worth waiting for your yellow beet’s recipe. Sometime somewhere else you made my mouth watering by mentioning your yellow beet’s experience. Meanwhile I spotted this astonishing vegetable at an organicfood-onlineshop. It’s time to order… Thank you so much!


    • Great that you like it, and even greater that your onlineshop sells yellow beetroots. You wille surely love them – looking forward to your recipe idea in this!


  2. BEAUTIFUL and very nicely arranged! I had to look up “tarragon” and learnt a new word today 🙂 This dish would be a perfect starter! I willl try to find some yellow fellows 😉 And you know what, I just bought a bottle of pistachio oil yesterday!


    • Thank you! I didn’t know the word tarragon as well – indeed, food-blogging in English is like a lesson in kitchen vocabulary to me from time time ;-).
      What a great coincidence that you got pistachio oil! Did you try it already? And how do you like it?


  3. magentratzerl says:

    I love beets. And your dish really looks like spring!


  4. that looks very tempting. i’ve never heard of yellow beetroot before (gelbe bete?) but i will definitely give it a try.


  5. Hi there! So happy I found your blog! Being a lover of food and cooking for many years, it’s so nice to find a fellow foodie with a beautiful blog. I(Melissa…Kerryanne and I do the blog together…my focus is the savory dishes and hers the sweet:)) have always wanted to go to Berlin…Little Otik is on my radar to try out…love that they started as a supper club:). Anyway, just saying Hi and happy to have found you…one day I’ll get to Berlin!


    • Hi Melissa, great that you drop by! I like you blog a lot as well – we also have in common the double cast ;-). Arne does the urban shots and me the foody things.
      I haven’t been to the Little Otik yet but would like to give it a try sometime as well. I Like their concept.
      Yes, Berlin is always worth a visit – even for people living here like us there’s always new discoveries.
      Cheers, Claudia


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