Belle(s) de Jour gone Wild at Heart: Curry Truffles for Catherine Deneuve and Nicolas Cage


Curry Truffles
Last night, Catherine Deneuve and Nicolas Cage presented their new films at Berlinale Film Festival – Elle s’en va (Deneuve) and Croods (Cage gives voice to the animated main character). Both of them will most probably never know that I named my latest chocolate creation after the feature films they graced with their break-through performances in the early stages of their careers. I will have to deal with that fact – but the thrilling taste of the fancy, spicy little truffles will help a great deal.

Today it’s not the food pics coming first but – if you like – some insight to our struggle on the edge of the red carpet – trapped in the middle of hundreds of fans gone wild on the arrival of Mister Cage and trying to be as quick as we could to catch a far glimpse of Madame Deneuve from the distance. Emma Stone is in as well, and so is Festival Director Dieter Kosslick who always not just welcomes the stars but also takes some time for a little talk with the fans.

Well, time for some curry truffles:

Here’s my recipe

This is a quite easy one. Melt 200 g of white chocolate very, very carefully in a water quench as white choc tends to get very hot and curds immediately. Stir well, add 30 g of sweet butter, go on stirring. Add two pinches of very fine curry powder – I used my home-made powder which contains a lot of cinnamon for a warm taste. Put in the fridge and let chill.

If it has gone firm, but creamy, create little balls with your fingers or with two spoons. Melt some dark chocolate in a water quench (this one won’t burn that fast, but heat it gently nevertheless) let it cool down a little bit. Put the balls on baking paper and cover with the dark chocolate. If you have proper chocolate equipment you can of course cover the balls on all sides and let them drain on a grid. Spread some coconut crunch on the dark chocolate as long as it is still moist.

I got the inspiration for the coconut crunch by Julia of Chestnut and Sage, a very beautiful blog of hers where she creates incredible granolas. I slightly changed her recipe as I used just coconut flakes which need less liquid and burn easily, especially in my crazy oven. I did it like this: Take 50 g of cream and 75 g sugar. Heat it gently in a pot and add one table spoon of neutral oil. Add 100 g coconut flakes and stir. Spread the mixture on a baking plate and put it in the preheated oven (160 °C). Bake for 15-20 Minutes and turn the flakes every 5 minutes. Thanks a lot for the inspiration, Julia!

And here they are, Belles de jour gone Wild at Heart:


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10 thoughts on “Belle(s) de Jour gone Wild at Heart: Curry Truffles for Catherine Deneuve and Nicolas Cage”

  1. Deal, I will trade my two last ones in 😉 a beautiful truffle idea! Especially with the coconut crunch, I might play with it. (Wild at haert was my favorite movie for a very long time 😉 but I never realized how not so tall he is 😉 thanks for the insight!)


    • I loved that film as well – can’t imagine anyone who didn’t. We where fascinated with Cage’s presence and kindness with fans and journalists alike.
      Yes, you should give the coconut crunch a try! Julia is doing fascinating things with other granola ingredients as well.


  2. Wow…same comment as yesterday like…like… 🙂
    I love the shape of your sweets…I dont like silicon molds at all for handmade truffles. Its much more charming to look at real handmade treats. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! You are right, the more professional equipment is used in chocolate making, the less individual shapes come out in the end.


  3. Sounds delicious. According to my use-organic-ingredients-only-ambition I’ll try to find a convenient kind of organic white chooolate – until now my search hasn’t been very successfull. But during the recent “BioFach”-fair one of my favorite organic-chocolate producers presented some white couverture. So there’s still hope.


    • So you use couverture instead of chocolate bars in truffle-making? I have no experience in that but sounds interesting. I never searched for couverture in organic shops as I never used it so far, but regarding chocolate bars, there’s some sorts of organic white ones, also fair trade. Did you try out those in truffle making already?


      • So far as I have experienced, white organic chocolate tastes delicious but isn’t really applicable for melting. White couverture isn’ t easy to find – but now I knew a good source and I’m considering about ordering 0.2 kg or 2.5 kg 😉 Truffle-making with couverture is quite easy – especially with this very helpfull list about the right proportion cream:couverture or butter:couverture (in German):
        So, since I’m writing this comment, I’m waiting for my truffle-mixture’s setting. Guess what! It’s the mixture for truffles with roses and guns – no, sorry: longpepper (is it the right expression in English?). I’m very curious about it.


      • Ah, that’s interesting – thank you for the links! I will try couverture next time.
        It’s true, white chocolate is not that easy to melt, heat needs to be low and you have to stir all the time.
        How exciting that you tried the recipe! I will watch out for your your chocolates. – Yes, it’s long pepper in English.


  4. The truffels look so delicious! I’m not very good in doing sweets and desserts, so I indulge in watching your wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for your kind words, you have made my day ❤


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